TRANSKOM-1 LTD   2 “Haralampi Dzhamdzhiev” Str. Silistra, 7500 Bulgaria Manager:       eng. Angel Trendafilov E: office at W: T: +359 (86) 821 887 F: +359 (86) 821 887 (4+)
Engineering, agricultural machinery, multi-metal fabrications, warehouses and industrial size sheds, made-to-order manufacturing and assembly.
Transkom-1 Ltd was established in 2005 as a subsidiary of "Transcom - Trendafilov & Co" GP, which has been an industry leader in the region for over a decade.     Our success is due to our highly qualified executives who have developed professional practices for reliability engineering. We pride ourselves with knowledge and industry experience, which along with the use of modern equipment and tools enables us to provide sustainable solutions for our clients.     Our organizational culture embraces devotion and accountability, which is just another reason why we have dominated the industry for so many years.
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